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PENTAfrica Summit and AGM 2024

Paediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Africa (PENTAfrica) is the Panafrican network of healthcare professionals with the aim of developing local services for ear, nose, and throat conditions in children across the African continent. In doing so, become advocates that promote healthy children and adolescent health as it relates to childhood growth and development. 

We are pleased to announce the Paediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Africa (PENTAfrica) Summit and AGM 2024 which will be organized by the ENT Department of KCMC Hospital. This international conference will bring together leading experts, healthcare professionals, and researchers. aims to be a comprehensive and interdisciplinary event in the field of Paediatric otolaryngology, focusing on the unique challenges and advances in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

Our mission is to promote knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation to enhance the quality of care for Paediatric patients in the region. The summit will span five days, featuring oral and poster presentations, live surgeries, and active participation from trainees and mentors in the field of paediatric ENT.  

To ensure a holistic approach to Paediatric healthcare, we actively encourage the participation of Paediatricians in the summit. Sessions and workshops will facilitate collaboration between ENT specialists, Paediatricians, Anaesthetists, Intensivists and Radiologists to improve patient care. 

Why theme for 2024 Summit?  

The chosen theme reflects the summit’s commitment to addressing the unique healthcare challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa while promoting collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals on a global scale. It emphasizes the importance of pediatric healthcare in the region and underscores the potential for positive change 

Why Kilimanjaro, Tanzania? 

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, serves as a strategic and meaningful location for the PENTAfrica Summit, offering a platform to address pediatric otolaryngology challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa while showcasing the region’s potential and cultural richness. 

Estimated the number of participants.

We are expecting 300 participants for the PENTAfrica Summit 2024. This estimate takes into account the international appeal of the conference, the involvement of healthcare professionals from Sub-Saharan Africa, the inclusion of live surgeries, and the collaboration with both practicing and trainees in Paediatric, Anaesthesia, Intensive care and Radiology, which can attract a diverse and substantial audience. 

Conference Objectives

To explore and disseminate the latest advancements in Paediatric otolaryngology. 

To address the unique challenges faced in Sub-Saharan Africa concerning the diagnosis and treatment of Paediatric ear, nose, and throat disorders. 

To foster collaboration and networking among healthcare professionals, including Paediatricians, Anaesthetists, Intensivists and Radiologists, to enhance the quality of care for Paediatric patients in the region. 

Interactive activities during the Summit 

Welcome Reception: A casual evening event on the first day of the conference where participants can meet and greet while enjoying refreshments and light entertainment. 

Gala Dinner: An elegant evening event, often on one of the later conference days, featuring a formal dinner, cultural performances, and awards presentations. 

Cultural Night: Showcase the local culture of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, with traditional music, dance performances, and a taste of local cuisine. 

Networking Sessions: Organize themed networking sessions, such as “Meet the Experts” or “New Professionals Mixer,” to encourage connections among attendees with similar interests. 

Poster Sessions with Refreshments: Provide refreshments during poster sessions to encourage participants to engage in discussions and exchange ideas. 

Post Summit Activities 

Post-Summit Tours: Offer guided tours to local attractions, national parks, or historical sites for participants who wish to extend their stay and explore the region further. 

Medical Outreach Program: Organize a volunteer medical outreach program where participants can apply their expertise to help underserved communities in the region. 

Online Networking Platform: We will create an online social media group-based platform where participants can continue to network, share insights, and collaborate post-summit. 

Webinars and Follow-up Workshops: PENTAfrica will continue to host webinars and workshops focused on key topics discussed during the summit to keep the conversation going. 

Publication of Proceedings: We expect to compile and publish conference proceedings or a special issue in a medical journal to disseminate the knowledge shared during the summit. 

Choice of social events will align with the preferences and interests of your participants. We’ll conduct surveys and seek feedback from attendees to tailor the social events to their expectations. These events will not only be enjoyable but also contribute to the educational and networking goals of the summit.