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Paediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Society in Africa

Our Vision

  • Developing local services for ear, nose, and throat conditions in children across the African continent. In doing so, become advocates that promote healthy child and adolescent health as it relates to childhood growth and development.
  • Creating a network of African Paediatric otolaryngologists to obtain advice, grow their services, collectively educate other specialists and conduct research relevant to our population, and our health needs.

Mission Statement

  • To establish sustainable access of otolaryngological (ENT) services to African children. 
  • To identify and assist ENT specialists with complex otolaryngologic disorders in children, or common otolaryngologic disorders in complex children with co-morbidities.
  • Create initiatives that establish sustainable otolaryngology best practices, driven by evidence-based decision-making that is appropriate for local practise.
  • To establish a lasting culture for homegrown research and join international networks on collaborative projects that establish high quality research centres in African academic hubs that are led by paediatric subspecialists.
  • To advocate for treatment of ENT-related conditions that burden African children.